Why is Tungsten Used for Making Darts?

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Why is Tungsten Used for Making Darts?
Why is Tungsten Used for Making Darts?

There is a reason behind Tungsten used for making darts. It is a metal that is dense. The more amount of tungsten in a dart, the smaller it is in size, without the worry of losing the weight of that dart. A higher amount of tungsten means, higher quality. Most commonly tungsten alloys that are used in making darts have between 80 to 90% tungsten.

Different parts of a dart including its shaft, barrel, and flight, can be made from different materials. All the materials used have their own pros and cons. There are so numerous metals present on this earth and a vast variety of alloys also, but darts are still made from tungsten, why is that so?

Darts made out of tungsten are more durable and they also offer an extensive range. The machine knurling pattern provides a better grip, which lessens the chances of the dart slipping out of your hands, which makes you better at playing darts.

The best metal tungsten used for making darts

The darts which were used for playing the very first modern dart game were made out of wood. Later, brass took the place of wood and became a norm, brass then, was used for making darts for a very long time.

However, in the 20th-century manufacturers started experimenting with different metals and alloys. Once they found out the potential tungsten had, there was no need for more experiments left.

The name of the metal “Tungsten” comes from Swedish words for stone and heavy. There is no doubt that this 74th metal has been very true to its name.

Another name for tungsten is “Wolfram”. The metal consists of some very unique properties also, for example, this metal has the highest melting point among all the metals and the highest boiling point among all the elements.

Tungsten is used in several industries, for example, armaments, electronics, medicine, nuclear physics, and many more. This vast use of this metal makes it the most coveted metal.

Tungsten is such an important metal that the United States is bound to a supply of tungsten for 6 months all times, by law. If there is no tungsten or its alloys available, the modern world we live in today would have looked very nothing like it is today.

One of the most important characteristics of tungsten is the density it holds. The density of this metal is comparable to uranium and it is twice the density of lead.

For the people, who do not know what density means; it is a function of mass and value, which means high-density value is capable of having a smaller size but with the same weight.

In easy words; if you have two different items that are the same in weight but different in size, then you must know that the smaller item has a higher density.

A 40-gram tungsten dart is half the size of a brass dart of the same weight.

The weight of dart and its importance

There is no exaggeration while saying that, the game of darts was revolutionised when Tungsten used for making darts were introduced. These darts allowed two things that were manually interrelated to happen. Dart became smaller in size, and heavier in weight. this small size and heavyweight resulted in a better score.

A tungsten dart flies in a straight line, with more force because of its heavyweight. which means that there are very few chances for the dart to bounce out. Moreover, heavier darts provide more control and tighter grouping to the player.

Any person who plays darts and also knows about the complexities that the darts scoring system holds can easily tell about how important it is to be able to land darts in tight groupings.

Tight groupings are of big importance because this is how a player is able to hit doubles and triples. And as a matter of fact, the beginners are often told to learn and prioritize the groupings for higher scores.

This means, when a beginner lands his first dart on a 7, he/she should aim for 7 again for two more hits, instead of aiming for the 20.

You can become a better and balanced player of darts when you are able to land your darts in tight groups, consistently. It’s not bad if you are not able to hit 180s at all times if you can knock down checkouts and also hit doubles every time.

This is how a game of darts instantly becomes a challenge of general accuracy. Which is contrary to the belief that the game of darts is all about hitting on triple 20.

Percentages and compositions of tungsten

One size of tungsten darts cannot fit all the affairs; there are several options available while choosing a tungsten dart. Darts made out of tungsten are never made of 100% pure tungsten, because of some chemical characteristics of the metal.

Tungsten and nickel alloys are used; the most common alloys are nickel-copper and nickel-iron.

These alloys of heavy metals allow enhanced machinability and also offer higher rigidity, higher damping, lower vibration, and lower thermal expansion.

The most common compositions which are available include:

  • 65% Tungsten, 35% Nickel
  • 80% Tungsten, 20% Nickel
  • 90% Tungsten, 10% Nickel
  • 95% Tungsten, 5% Nickel
  • 97% Tungsten, 3% Nickel

Some people say that it is not a good idea to recommend tungsten darts to beginners, and only elite players should use them. However, in my opinion, anyone who loves darts and is serious about the game must use tungsten darts.

Even though tungsten darts are expensive, the pros and benefits make them worth the money.

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