Why Are Most Dart Players Fat?

Are Dart Players Fat?

Listen to this article. Darts is my favorite sport and I believe it’s a game that is only played with skills and mechanical techniques. I am also a very avid supporter of the fact that darts should become an Olympic sport. And I also dream of that day when my favorite dart players will be standing there with gold medals in their hands, winning.

However, a kid’s curiosity made me think about this weird fact that I never had noticed before. The other day my friend’s son asked a weird question, “why are all dart players fat?”, and that got me thinking.

To be very honest, not every dart players fat, they are normal people like all of us and come in different shapes and sizes just like other people. And if you ask me that, if the dart players are as elite as other sport players regarding fitness? Then I would say, absolutely yes.  The skills and finesse required for landing a dart on 180 is as elite as any other sport.

It was such a simple question, but not me neither my friend could answer it. We looked at each other, completely clueless about what to even say. The question seemed to us as if someone has asked us, why is water transparent, and the only answer we could give was, it just is!

But that would have been just a cop-out. So, I had to look for a legit answer. An answer that would foster the kid’s curiosity and answer every aspect of that question.

An answer that would help keep the same image of the dart players that I hold very close to my heart in that kid’s mind and heart also. Everyone can play darts, but not everyone can play like Gary Anderson or Michael van Gerwen do. There must be some reason behind that obese look.

The Reasons Why Are Dart Players Fat

Why Dart Players Fat
Why Dart Players Fat

As I have mentioned earlier that the history of darts is longer than we might think. The game has a long story that spans centuries back. But today we can safely say that darts is a game of workingmen. The rise in its popularity would never deny the fact that the game was once a game of pubs.

Traditionally, the games usually played at pubs were of chance and probability. For example, card games and dice games were usually played at pubs all around the world.

Even games with such silly names, Shut the Box, fork your neighbor, etc. were played alongside darts.

Such games of chance are not basically athletic games. The games of cards and dice are played while sitting and obviously with a drink in hand.

Today some dart players might call themselves athletes, but to be honest they are not athletes. Dart players are dart players they are not gymnasts or swimmers. The requirements of the darts game are totally different than other games and in darts only your skills and strategies matter regardless of your body shape.

The gymnasts, swimmers, and runners follow a strict routine and train themselves to look like that because that’s the need of the sport they play. On the other hand, the dart players have no such restrictions, they can eat as much they want and sleep as much as they want. They can do all this without affecting their performance and ability.

When the dart players are playing the game, it’s not that they are sweating because of the hard work they have to put in the game. The game itself is a sedentary activity. Even the fact that the game includes a lot of sitting and very less motion. Even when they are taking turns not a lot of energy is required to throw darts.

So, maybe it is clear why most of the dart players fat/obese. And their weight does not affect their performance at all.



Why Dart Player Fat
Why Dart Player Fat

The Answer To Why Dart Player Fat

What I told the kid was “because they don’t need to be slim and fit to be elite dart players”. Only if the game required dart players to be fit, they must have been and there is not any doubt in that.

Me and my friend admire these dart players way too much and we were not going to give that kid a reason to think that dart players are lazy or that they eat too much. So I said what I think was the most suitable answer for such a question. A simple answer that would help him understand things better in future if he loves darts when he gets old, maybe?

I told him that it takes several years of university education to understand the physical dynamics of darts, because of their complexity. Moreover, I told him that the bigger radius of the belly shifts the center of gravity farther from the plane. That is parallel to the oche and allows efficient pivot when the projectile is released.

“A Newtonian parabolic trajectory, when started from a lower center of gravity will travel for longer, and with more force, so darts are more likely to hit the board.”

Moreover, I told him that the jiggly and quivery nature of the jowls helps the players in stabilizing and balancing the game and also help in reducing constant parallax. I also told him that the fat around the players’ bodies also helps them to stay firm and doesn’t let them lose their balance. I kept speaking until my friend asked me to stop.

Anyways, his question really made me realize that my favorite players were actually very unfit. I could not stop thinking about it.

But what makes me happy is that these fat guys are best at what they do and I love their play. And the dart lovers do not care about the body shapes of our idols.

We love darts for the skill, the precision, the tension of a close match, and the joy of watching a perfectly thrown dart find its mark. We appreciate the mental strength it takes to stand up there, alone on the stage, with the pressure bearing down, and still be able to throw consistently and accurately.

Sure, the image of the dart player may not align with the traditional athlete, often lean and muscular from hours of physical training. But dart players train just as hard in their own way, honing their focus, refining their technique, and practicing their throws for countless hours. This is the kind of dedication and discipline that any sportsperson requires, regardless of their physical appearance.

And to the kid’s question, the answer I provided may have been embellished with a bit of humor and imagination, but the truth is, in darts, as in many other sports, the top players come in all shapes and sizes. It’s their ability to perform under pressure, their hand-eye coordination, and their psychological strength that sets them apart.

In the end, we should judge athletes not by their appearance but by their performance and their passion for the game. Dart players embody this passion in every throw, every check-out, and every victory. So while they may not conform to the traditional image of an athlete, they are, without a doubt, masters of their craft.

And who knows? As the sport continues to grow in popularity and professionalism, we may see more dart players embracing fitness as a means of enhancing their game. But until then, let’s celebrate the diversity within the sport and continue to enjoy the unique thrill that only a game of darts can provide.

Whether they are slim or stout, what truly matters is the artistry they display on the oche, the way they can silence a room with a spectacular finish, and the camaraderie and sportsmanship they show each other, fat or thin. Darts is a sport for everyone, and its playersare a testament to that inclusivity. They come from all walks of life, with backgrounds as diverse as their body types. In a world that can often be preoccupied with aesthetics, darts stands out as a celebration of skill and mental agility, where the only weight that truly matters is the weight of the dart in your hand and the precision with which you can throw it.

The sport of darts teaches us an important lesson about the nature of competition and the human spirit. It’s not always the fittest, the fastest, or the strongest who win, but rather those who can combine talent with hard work to achieve their goals. Dart players may not match a stereotypical athletic physique, but their commitment to their sport requires a dedication that is every bit as intense as that of any other professional athlete.

It’s this dedication that brings fans to their feet, that creates legends out of ordinary people, and that can inspire a child to pick up a dart and dream of one day hitting the bullseye under the bright lights of a championship stage.

In conclusion, we should embrace the diversity of athletes in all sports, including darts. While fitness and health are important, they are not the sole determinants of success in many disciplines. The world of sports would be far less rich if we only celebrated those who fit a narrow definition of an “athlete.”

Dart players prove that it’s not the size of the competitor in the game; it’s the size of the game in the competitor. And that is something worth celebrating, no

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