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How To Be A Good Darts Player As A Beginner?

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How To Be A Good Darts Player As A Beginner?
How To Be A Good Darts Player As A Beginner?

How To Be A Good Darts Player As A Beginner?

Whenever someone plans to learn the game of darts, he/she must know that the learning process can be both fun and stressful at the same time. There are times when it feels like you are doing it right, but there is still no improvement to be seen.

As a beginner, everyone is always looking for guidance and tips from pro players in order to improve their skills and accuracy in the game of darts. Everything, including the stance, darts, your grip, and your releasing style, every single thing affects the game. Here are the best tips and tricks for beginners to help you become the best player in darts.

Start with practice darts

As a beginner, you should start with practice darts. In this way, you will avoid limiting yourself to a particular time or place for practicing the game. The practice you do defines the progress you have been making over time.

To make your progress rapid and precise, you will need to get yourself a set of practice darts. Having your own set of practice darts will allow you to practice whenever and wherever you want to; there will be no time and place limitations. A good set of practice darts is a must for any beginner serious about learning darts properly.

There are o rules or specific definitions about a set of darts being good or bad because the meaning will differ from person to person. But the fact that the more you spend, the more you get doesn’t change. Cheaper darts set can save you money, but the quality will not help you with anything. Our recommendation for an excellent dart set is Cuesoul Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set.

Make sure you know all the rules

You might be thinking; I already know the rules. Most of the time, people don’t focus on the rules or just don’t know the proper rules.

As a viewer, you might think that the game of darts s very simple. Some people believe that it’s just about throwing darts at the board and nothing else.

However, the thinking is not entirely wrong, but we cannot call it completely correct either. If your thinking is alike, you might not be able to go far in the game of darts.

The game seems very simple, but you need to learn a certain set of rules before you start playing the game. Ensure you know about all the rules as soon as possible because it will only make it easier to be a pro at the game.

Please make sure you start from standard play rules because there are so many variants in the darts game, and every game has its own rules.

Learn about your grip on darts

The proper darts grip is such a vast topic that several books are dedicated to this topic. If you ever get to watch professional players play live, you will be amazed by their skills and accuracy level. The secret behind such accuracy is the perfect grip on the darts.

Darts may seem very simple and small things, but there are several ways to hold them. There are different types of grips, such as three-fingered, four-fingered, five-fingered, and two-point grips.

To be honest, there is no right or wrong in darts grips. There are variants, and each of them has its own benefits. All you have to do is to figure out which of those grips works fine for you. Make sure you do this as soon as possible because grip has a lot to do with your progress in learning the game.

It is excellent if you try all types of grips. While practising, you can keep changing grip styles until you find the perfect one for you.

No matter which grips style you decide to settle for, just make sure your grip is neither too loose nor tight. Your grip should be firm enough to hold the dart in place.

Stance perfection

The stance is the most crucial factor after grip. It influences your game and progression to a great level. Just like grip, a stance also matters a lot.

There are different stances, out of which you need to choose the one you prefer the most. The impact of the way you stand and place your feet on your performance can be more significant than you think.

During this game’s earlier times, players used to stand facing their feet straight towards the throwing line. But the stance soon failed because it was hard to move the arm because of the rigid body position naturally.

Nowadays, the most popular stances are side-stances. Such stances allow the body to have a balanced and natural posture. You can try different stances until you find the one that fits your style the best.

One crucial factor is that you need to keep your eyes straight in line with the dart tip and the dartboard. Ensure that your body’s weight is majorly on the front foot; you will be more stable and balanced in such a way. Moreover, you will need to lean forward a little (don’t lean too much0 as it has a lot to do with your stability.

Learn the basic arithmetic

To be a pro at playing darts means you will have to refresh your mathematics learnings. Many people often ignore or simply forget about this factor.

Most of the darts game variants require basic knowledge of arithmetic to play correctly. You should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide easily while playing the game of darts. You need to know basic math because calculating the doubles or triples cannot be done without basic arithmetic.

Some people are naturally good at calculating, while others find it hard to figure fast. For the people who have a hard time with math, the only solution is practising math just like we used to do in school. Darts and math have a very close relationship, due to which you need to learn basic arithmetic as soon as possible.

Know the terminology

This game has a vibrant history. Moreover, it has a self-contained culture. If you don’t know about everything, you might feel like an outcast when your fellows will discuss a specific topic.

There are hundreds of terminologies related to darts, including Yips, Robin Hood, Knurl, Choke, Aces, Century, etc. It would be great if you learn as many terms as you can, as early as possible. The great thing about darts terminologies is that you can keep learning more and more terms throughout your gaming career.

While you sit with some veteran players, keep your ears open and hear whatever they say, and never hesitate in asking what you don’t understand. Moreover, you can get enough information from the internet. Especially, Wikipedia has a lot of information regarding the terminologies. You are not required to learn all the terms by heart; just go through all of them.

Be consistent

Here is the secret to success; being a great darts player does not totally depend upon accuracy; instead, it depends upon how consistent you are.

As a beginner, you might think it is all about accuracy in throwing the darts as fast as possible. However, many other factors impact your game and performance while playing the game of darts.

From your stance and grip on the dart to the way you look at your target, everything has something to do with your performance. The key is to stay consistent regarding all of these factors.

Make sure your stance stays the same, and you reach the oche line in the same way, every time you throw the dart. Even a slight change will undermine consistency. Such a thing can make your progress difficult.

Choose a routine and stick to it. Make sure you repeat all your movement mechanically. Beginners should remember that consistency will give more benefit than accuracy.

Try to learn other variables of the game

As mentioned earlier, there are several variables to the game of darts. Some of these games have a moderate amount of popularity. On the other hand, standard modes of dart games are popular.

The most famous dart games are301s and 501s. You should prioritize these games when you start learning new games, as these are the games people tend to know about as tournament rules. Moreover, games like cricket and baseball (dart games) are also very popular.

You can quickly learn how to play baseball darts. The game is perfect for beginners as the rules are dramatically simplified in it. The only concern in baseball darts is to hit numbers in sequence. You can say that it is an excellent game for practising, along with being simple and easy.

For groups, “the killer” is a great game to play. In this game, you need to hit doubles for eliminating your rival. As a beginner, learning “The killer” can help gain benefits to accuracy.


Practice darts alone

practising alone is way better than practising with other people around. When starting out, we would advise you to consider practising alone.

Many people claim that when they are playing with friends, they play better. However, it is a fact that people tend to play worse when there are friends around.  Even professionals have attested to this phenomenon. This does not just happen while playing darts, but you can apply this to many other sports.

Focus on the psychological factors is very important if you want to make your performance better during tournaments and matches – as these factors have a significant impact on the performance.

By practicing alone, you will be able to criticize your own game and overcome the limitations, leading to a better play enduring growth and development. Even if you are a good player, you can still improve.

Beware of a burnout

Sometimes beginners become so obsessed with darts that they forget about resting. They become hooked and keep practising like a maniac to get better, and in the end, burn out happens. Burning out can have severe impacts on your mental and physical health. It will leave you all overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Its never good to watch an excited beginner lose interest in the game. If you ever feel like your practice is doing no good to your game, and feeling of inadequacy overcome your emotional state, and you feel like your skills are not good enough, know that you are most likely heading towards burnout.

Try time management and keep your other activities included in your life schedule instead of focusing only on darts all the time. Spend time with family and friends and always take a break from dart games for a while.XXX

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