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Is It Necessary For Dart Players To Get Tested For Drugs?

Listen to this article. Some drugs like alcohol and cocaine can boost anyone’s confidence, which is why players of some sports use them to get their morale high and control their shaky nerves.

As we all know that the game of darts has a very close relationship and history with pubs and bars. However, drug abuse is a short-term solution, but it can have long-term effects on anyone. So is it necessary for dart players to get tested for drugs?

Yes, the short answer is, yes, they need to be tested for the anti-doping regulations by the WDF (World Darts Federation). The players must be tested for drugs to become a recognized player of WDF and be accredited by the federation.

The worldwide code is mentioned in the first few pages of the anti-doping regulations by the WDF, which says, “Anti-doping regulations are compulsory to be implemented to prevent any anguish to the spirit of sports.”

These regulations have been beneficial in reducing the number of players who are involved in drug abuse. Moreover, it is an excellent solution for protecting, preserving, sustainability, and growth of darts worldwide.

There is no doubt that the darts’ game has evolved a lot and turned into a sport of great importance despite being just a pub game in the past. Drug testing has made this game more significant than ever, to the level where people ask it to be a part of the Olympics.

Several initiatives were taken in the past, including extensive training programs and establishing clubs for maintaining the game spirit and player morale over the years.

Boosting confidence is not the only reason players use drugs; it has more to do with competitiveness and other situational and stimulatory needs.

Many dart players had to face the consequences because of the drug testing. If any player is tested positive for drug abuse, he/she is immediately sanctioned, and all the titles and records are stripped off. However, nowadays the drug testing is very much accepted and welcomed by many well-reputed players

Drugs that darts players are tested for

Several different drugs were used and are still used by many players before practice sessions or even tournaments.

The matter of drug usage holds an important place in the World Darts Federation’s eyes, which is why dart players must get tested for different drugs categorized under three main categories.

The players or teams undergo the whole testing process formed by the WDF and WADA; the process can either be planned or random.

Following are the drugs for which the players are tested. These listed substances are prohibited, and if there are any traces found in a player’s samples, the consequences follow.

Substances that are prohibited at every time

  • Metabolic modulators
  • Beta-2 agonists
  • Anabolic agents
  • Growth factor
  • Peptide hormones
  • Mimetic
  • Hormone modulator
  • Diuretic masking agent

Substances that are prohibited during the competition

  • Narcotics
  • Stimulants
  • Glucocorticoids
  • Cannabinoids

Substances banned for a particular sport

  • Beta-Blockers

There is an updated list of all the banned substances on the website of WDF. The department of drug testing ensures that the collection of samples and tests are done perfectly. Moreover, the missing reports and tests are also transferred by this department to the WDF.

What is the process of drug testing?

The organizations responsible for the drug testing are operated by WDF – in affiliated countries. These organizations are accountable for conducting transparent and foolproof drug testing.

There are three types of drug testing that these authorities can conduct; in-competition, event, and out-of-competition drug testing.

The in-competition drug tests

This is done when a player is selected for a tournament to which doping control is subjected.

Event drug test

This testing is done when darts tournaments are happening. The process is done at the event’s venue on the participating dart players. Either the anti-doping organization or the WDF can conduct the test. Every test done on the players is in coordination with WDF.

Out-of-competition drug test

This testing can be done by WDF, WADA, or anti-doping organizations. This testing can be conducted at any time of year without any prior notice. Moreover, the process is always in coordination with the international standards of investigation and testing.

How many times do darts players get tested for drugs?

Drug testing is done to ensure that the players accredited with WDF are not involved in drug abuse or trafficking. Typically drug testing is done once a year, but other than the annual testing, drug tests are held around 4 to 5 times a year for all the players. Testing is also done when players are selected for tournaments or just randomly whenever the organization wants to do so.

All the procedures and schedules always comply with the International standards for investigation and testing.

How has drug testing improved the game of darts?

Drug testing has made the game of darts are well-renowned and more fabulous sport. The testing helps the game of darts in several different ways:

It protects the code of WDF in the regulations for anti-doping and drug abuse. Moreover, drug testing helps promote players who are rightful and loyal to what they play. Lastly, drug testing might help darts to become a part of the Olympics.

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