What Is the Difference Between Soft Tip Darts and Steel Tip Darts?

Listen to this article. Do you know What Is the Difference Between Soft Tip Darts and Steel Tip Darts? Getting into the game of darts may look like something easy to do to an inexperienced person. He might think that he only requires a few items and he is good to go but darts is actually a very multifaceted game. In darts skill, physics and luck all equally determine what the outcome of a match will be. Before getting into the game of darts one needs to make a very important decision. This decision is whether to choose soft tip darts or steel tip darts. We are going to be looking at the difference between both of these types.

As the name suggests steel tip darts have a tip made of metal. They are designed to be played with on bristle dartboards. On the other hand, soft tip darts are made out of soft plastic. Although soft tip darts can be used on bristle dartboards too, they are usually used on plastic dartboards or electric dartboards. New players can sometimes feel overwhelmed by so many choices to be made in a game that they initially thought to be a very easy and simple sport to play.

As every variable of a dart has its own effects it can be hard to decide what variable you are going to go with. The first step in selecting your darts is to choose between soft tip darts and steel tip darts. Now we are going to discuss the differences between these two types.

Difference Between Soft Tip Darts and Steel Tips Darts | No 1 Best Dart Tips
Difference Between Soft Tip Darts and Steel Tips Darts | No 1 Best Dart Tips

Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts have been in use since the younger days of the sport. The precursor game to modern dart actually used to be played using metal arrowheads or spearheads as a military pastime. This means that using steel tips is a part of the tradition for darts players around the globe and to these players, the use of soft tips is like abandoning the tradition. But is there really any benefit to using steel tips? The simple answer is yes. Steel tips have some very unique advantages making them the right choice.

As steel tips are heavier they provide a more precise and weightier throw. Steel tips darts are more sturdy and durable. Steel tip darts seldom break or bend under normal circumstances. Despite this, they are not very costly to fabricate. This allows the darts to last longer and give you your money’s worth.

As for the tradition, steel tip darts are the way to go if you want to uphold it. According to many dart players, you are not even playing darts if you are not using steel tip darts.

Soft Tip Darts

Soft tip darts were introduced to the game more recently compared to steel tip darts. They have been adopted by a large number of players and have grown quite popular among many circles within the dart-playing community. Using soft tip darts is much more convenient when compared to steel tip darts. This has resulted in them becoming a good option for many players.

As is apparent from the name soft tip darts are made of molded soft plastic. This reduces the risk of injury making the darts much safer. The chances of soft tip darts causing injury are very low. They are not usually harmful unless the eye is hit directly. Although this is not the case for steel tip darts. Many players have sustained injuries due to off-target throws resulting in trips to the emergency room.

So, soft tip darts are the way to go if you intend to play in an environment where children or pets are present. They are also a good option if you or your friends are not accurate in your throws. In both of these scenarios, the use of soft tip darts will reduce the risk of injury significantly.

Another benefit of using soft tip darts is the availability of digital dartboards. These digital dartboards are able to digitally keep the score and they also offer a variety of games. Although a home setup can be quite pricey, it can be very helpful to have an automated scoring system if your math skills are not that good.

Alongside personal safety soft tip dart also reduces the risk of damaging walls and objects around you from inaccurate throws while playing. The use of steel tip darts on the other hand can result in holes in walls and damage to furniture from any inaccurate throws. So, soft tip darts are ideal if you intend to play inside your home.

There are also some downsides to using soft tip darts. They wear and tear much more than steel tip darts and can easily break or snap. So, you will have to replace them very often. You are going to need to purchase extra darts from the very beginning to ensure you have an ample supply available at any given time.

Soft tip darts are made using lighter material as they are usually used on plastic dartboards. If you are used to steel tip darts, you are will need to get accustomed to the weight of soft tip darts as they are much lighter. The lighter weight combined with the board’s design can result in increased chances of bounce-outs. Although your score will still be counted by most of the digital dartboards in case of a bounce out.

What if You Play with Both?

Switching back and forth between soft tip darts and steel tip darts will have negative effects on your accuracy. Below are the reasons why.

  • Steel tip darts are much heavier compared to soft tip darts.
  • Plastic boards usually have larger scoring areas. This will make playing on bristle boards a bit more difficult.
  • A more limited angle of penetration is enforced by the holes in plastic dartboards.
  • The distance between the throw line of soft tip darts and the dartboard is 2.75 inches longer.

You will need to spend a lot of time re-adjusting if you intend to play with both types of darts.

Which One Should You Chose?

To choose whether to use soft tip darts or steel tip darts you only need to ask yourself a simple question. Where and with whom are you going to play? The answer to this question should be enough to help you determine which type to choose for your particular situation.

If you intend to play in pubs or you are in a league, then you should use the darts that are suitable for the venue. But if you are simply playing with a few friends at home then the information given above should allow you to make an educated guess.

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