Who Should Go First And How To Decide?

Listen to this article. After everyone has gathered and the game of darts has to begin, the first conflict that arises is who should go first and start the game. There are several ways of deciding the party who would play first, but middle or diddle and flipping a coin are the two most common ways of making a decision.

The order of the game is important because whoever goes first gets to decide whether the game will be hard or easy. This is why players are often found confused about starting a game. To make it easier for dart players, we have listed some easy and fast ways to decide on the first player. However, remember that going first is not really beneficial.

In games like baseball darts and around the world, players tend to wish for the last turn, so they can know about the opponent’s score and choose their target properly.

  • Flipping a coin

Flipping a coin is the easiest and most convenient way to decide the first going party. Some players even keep a quarter in their darts playing kits for this very reason. Out of two players or teams, one person flips the coin, and the other one guesses whether it would be heads or tails. If the guess is right, the other party plays first; if not, then the flipping party gets to choose who would go first. Flipping a coin will make your game more fun, and starting it would be quick.

  • Let the youngest play first

This way may not go for all the games of darts, but when playing with family or friends, it is a great way to decide. For example, if you are playing with your younger brother or sister, you shouldn’t have any problem with them going first and starting the game.

  • Who won or lost the last game?

If you and your opponent are in for more than just one game, it’s a thumb rule to let the loser of the last game go first in the next game. However, if that one player keeps losing the games, you should consider switching turns or just try some other way to decide who gets the first turn.

  • Paper, scissors

Rock, paper, and scissors are the fastest and easiest ways to flipping coins to make a decision. There are hardly any people who don’t know how to play rock, paper, scissors. Still, if you don’t know how to play it, follow the following steps:

  • Hold one hand into a fist and count to three.
  • When on three, you need to make one of the three signs (a flat hand for paper, a V sign for scissors, and a fist for rock).
  • Rock loses to paper, scissors lose to rock, and paper loses to scissors.
  • As a result of a tie, you have to play it again.


  • Play diddle for the middle

Here is another way of deciding the first going player/team, by playing diddle for the middle. The game is also called “middle for a diddle.” Each player throws a dart on the dartboard; whoever gets to hit the closest spot to the bullseye gets the first turn.

If a dart bounces out, the turn doesn’t count, and the player gets to throw once again. And if two players hit almost the same spot that is also nearest to the bullseye, it’s just better to play again.

  • Alt hand diddle for middle

If all the players are just too perfect and it would be harder for every player to beat the other in diddle for the middle, they should imply an advancement in the middle for a diddle. Instead of aiming for the closest spot to the bullseye, all should aim for the bullseye itself and make them do it with their non-dominant arm.

Just like simple diddle for the middle, if a dart bounces out, it isn’t counted, and the player gets another chance.

  • The least experienced player goes first

This method comes in handy when playing with beginners and noobs. It is a great idea to give the less experienced player the first chance. This way you will have fun and help them practice at the same time. Moreover, it is about great sportsmanship, to let the juniors play first.

With all these methods, you can save a lot of time and start the game, so you can have quality time with your friends or family, playing and discussing darts.

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