Tips For Getting Better At Throwing Darts

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Tips For Getting Better At Throwing Darts
Tips For Getting Better At Throwing Darts

Tips For Getting Better At Throwing Darts

Like any other game, Darts needs practice and skills to get better at. Players discover their grip, style, and stance with time. As a darts player, one must watch their idols play in order to get motivation. However, they should never try to imitate the style of other players. To be a good darts player means you have to discover your own unique style.

No darts player can be good until he/she is perfect at throwing darts, as it is the fundamental part of the game of darts. If you don’t know how to throw darts properly, you will most likely fail. In this article, we have gathered several tips and tricks that may help darts players throw darts in a better way.

Tips and tricks to improve your dart throwing skills

Many dart players don’t often focus on this aspect and ignore the importance of being skillful at throwing darts. If your dart throwing skills are not good enough, you may not be able to hit the desired target. Let’s get started.

  • Hold your dart properly

A dart consists of a tip, barre, shaft, and a flight; the barrel is the part you hold for playing. You may not care too much, but the way you hold the dart and your grip on it matter greatly. The grip on a dart should be gentle but not too loose. It is better to use your thumb and forefinger to hold the dart and keep the rest of the fingers from the holding fingers. With this trick, your grip will be more smooth and accurate.

You can check if it is uncomfortable for you to throw a dart with two fingers; if you can, use three fingers to do so, but no more than that. Remember that this has a significant effect on your throw, and never ignore it. The thumb should be in the shaft center; fold it slightly if needed. And the forefinger should be opposite to the thumb.

If you are holding the dart with three fingers, the middle finger’s tip should be touching the edge (Bottom) of the barrel.

  • Stay still while throwing a dart


Most players forget to focus on their body movements while throwing darts. To be good at throwing darts, you must be aware of every movement of your body. From stepping on the oche line to throwing your dart, you should know what and how your body is moving. There should be no bouncing or swinging in your body while playing. Make sure your breathing is stable and controlled. Practice hard to get control over your body so that you can focus on your movements and throw darts more accurately.

  • Practice for aiming better

You need to understand some physics for this point. For a great aim, you should try to keep your dart at an angle of 45° and your throwing hand at an angle of 40° by the barrel’s back. This way, your wrist will also stay at almost the same angle.

Make sure your forearm and elbow are at an angle of 35° to your wrist. And lastly, your upper arm should stay at an angle of 40° to the shoulder. With these angles implemented, you will be able to focus on the dartboard using the tip of your dart. Focus with one open and one closed eye.

These angles are not necessary to be implied just like that. However, you should understand how each looks and try to apply them as much as possible.

  • Practice and play with players better than you


Some people may think that it’s not a good idea to play or practice with the better players. However, we believe that practicing with a player with a higher caliber than you can be pretty helpful, as people tend to work harder when the competition is intense. Beginners usually don’t try to play with seniors out of the fear of failing or losing; however, they should always play with such players without missing a chance. Another reason you should go for such practicing technique is that when you play with better players, you can see where you are making the wrong move and overcome it by watching your seniors play it off.

  • The correct stance is as critical as anything else

As we always mention, your stance is way more important in the game of darts than you think. Your whole throwing technique depends upon how firm and stable your stance is. It is important to fix your stance to be good at throwing darts.

You can get the whole information about how to improve your stance. (hyperlink it with the article for improving stance).

  • Experiment until you find the right dart


If you are a beginner, you may not know what kind of darts and shafts work best for you. This is the reason why every player should try different flights and shaft combinations. Knowing the right combination for you will help you improve your performance.

The shaft length and flight of a dart have significant effects on dart throw, and they can impact any player’s ability to throw Darts consistently. You can either buy some inexpensive combo packs or ask your friends to let you try their shafts and flights.

  • Take control of your game’s tempo

While playing darts, controlling the speed and terms of your game is very important. You shouldn’t rush yourself or be pressured due to your opponent. Take as much time as needed to aim for the target and to throw your dart. Moreover, if you need time to understand the score you need to win, take the proper time to do so.

It may sound very easy, but when a game is going on, it can be pretty hard to keep up with the pressure from the opponent. Make sure you control the tempo of your game and don’t let anyone else overpower you. And even in situations where your opponent has the control, ensure that you don’t let it pressurize you and do the best to take control over the game again.

  • Understand the psychology of darts

Players often forget that their biggest opponent is their own mind, which they need to overcome for better performance. During a game of darts, there are usually two common mindsets, one is about the player’s own performance, and the other is about the opponent’s performance. Remember that when you play with your friends or local players, the skills are usually the same, and it’s always the mindset that makes the difference. If you can stay confident and bring yourself to the mindset of someone who knows his/her skills better than others, you will be able to be better at throwing darts.

  • Practice a lot

We have said this before, and we will say this again, practice is what makes the best out of anything. Either you are playing Darts or any other game on earth, if you don’t practice regularly, you can never master the skills. Throwing darts in a professional way is also a skill that needs a lot of practice. Practice alone, with friends or local players, and you will know how beneficial every practice round can be. Research and watch more dart-throwing tactics and learn whichever suits your style best.

  • Be patient

Lastly, patience is the key to success. Don’t give up hope if you fail at the start, as it can be a little hard as a beginner. Stay patient, practice, and watch yourself grow better and better at the game of darts.


To improve at throwing darts, focus on developing a unique style through practice and observation without imitating others. Key tips include holding the dart gently with thumb and forefinger, maintaining a still body and controlled breathing when throwing, and practicing aiming with specific body angles. Play with more skilled players to learn and refine techniques, ensure a firm and stable stance, and experiment with different dart flights and shafts to find the best combination for your throw. Control the pace of the game, understand the psychological aspects to stay confident, and practice regularly. Patience is crucial; expect gradual improvement rather than immediate success.

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