Taking Care and Cleaning a Dartboard

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Taking Care and Taking Care And Cleaning a Dartboard


People are often fond of playing darts, but they forget that the dartboard needs special care and cleaning a dartboard in order to look and work fine for a longer time. Dartboards start looking dirty and dull because of the dirt that gathers in their corners and several areas. Cleaning a dartboard and taking care of the dartboard is as important as practicing darts to become a better player. Most people spend a fortune buying dartboards. However, it is a fault on their part that after spending so much money, they just let the dartboard keep getting dirty, and soon it is ruined.

Another factor that dartboard owners often ignore is that the dartboards need maintenance too. With frequent use and darts regularly hitting the surface, a dartboard can wear and tear with time. In order to keep a dartboard maintained and clean, there are several things one must take care of. Many dart players don’t know how to maintain and clean their dartboards, which is why we are here with a complete guide about cleaning a dartboard  and taking care of the dartboard.

First and foremost, it is essential to regularly rotate your dartboard to ensure even wear. Most modern bristle dartboards have removable numbers, allowing you to rotate the board without affecting the gameplay. A good rule of thumb is to rotate the dartboard once a week if it’s used frequently. This can prevent certain segments from becoming overused and prolong the life of your dartboard.

When it comes to cleaning a dartboard, be gentle. Start by removing any metal fragments or dart tips that may have become embedded in the board. You can use a pair of pliers to carefully extract these pieces. Remember that dartboards are generally made from sisal fibers or bristle, which can be damaged if treated too harshly.

For dust and lint accumulation, use a soft brush or a dry cloth to lightly brush the surface of the dartboard. Avoid using water or any liquid cleaners since they can dampen the sisal fibers and cause the board to swell, which will affect the dartboard’s self-healing ability and overall durability.

If there are marks from the darts’ impact, these can often be removed by gently rubbing the area with a clean, dry cloth. The natural self-healing properties of the sisal fibers will help close up the holes over time, but this process can be aided by occasionally brushing the surface in a circular motion.

In case of stubborn stains, you can use a very lightly dampened cloth with plain water, but make sure to immediately dry the area with a separate cloth. When cleaning a dartboard done soak or expose it to excessive moisture.

It’s also important to consider the environment where the dartboard is stored. Keep it away from direct sunlight, which can dry out and crack the fibers, and avoid areas with high humidity, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. A stable, climate-controlled room is ideal for dartboard storage.

Lastly, when not in use, cover your dartboard with a cloth cover to protect it from dust and accidental damage.

Maintaining and Cleaning a dartboard

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best dartboard 2024 winmua dartboard blade 5 | No 1 best dart game tips

If you don’t get yourself a quality dartboard, it will wear faster than the fancier and better one. If you maintain and take care of your dartboard properly, the life span of your dartboard can be extended. Following is a list of some extremely important rules that any dartboard owner should follow to add years to the gear. Let’s get to it.

Rotate the Dartboard Regularly, One of the simplest yet most effective ways to maintain your dartboard is to rotate it regularly. This means adjusting the board so that areas that are hit frequently, such as the 20 segment, are moved to a less targeted area. This helps in spreading out the wear and tear evenly across the board, which can significantly extend its life.

Avoid using water for cleaning a dartboard

Taking Care and Cleaning a Dartboard
Taking Care and Cleaning a Dartboard

You will find people saying that washing your dartboard with water will make it look perfect as new; however, the truth is that this information is absolutely not true. Today most dartboards are made outof sisal fiber. And sisal is a material that should never be exposed to water or even moisture. It will just harm the whole dartboard instead of doing any good. Sisal fiber cannot absorb water evenly, which is why if a sisal fiber dartboard is exposed to water, it looks extremely uneven and weird.

The disaster doesn’t end here; if the water reaches the wooden board at the base, it can cause it to warp. Moreover, the glue used for attaching the sisal fiber to the board can loosen the grip due to water, and the sisal might fall out.

So if you were thinking of washing your dartboard with water, then change your plan and never expose it to water, or you will ruin a nice dartboard.

Instead of using water, there are several other methods to clean and maintain your dartboard ensuring its longevity and playability. Start by using a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the surface of the dartboard. This will help remove any dust or loose fibers without damaging the sisal. If you need to remove marks or stains, lightly rub the affected area with the cloth moving in the direction of the sisal’s grain, not against it.

For a deeper clean, you can use a soft-bristled brush, like a toothbrush, to carefully brush the sisal fibers. This will help remove any chalk or debris that may have embedded itself into the dartboard. Again, make sure to brush gently and in the direction of the fibers to avoid causing any damage.

If there are stubborn stains or marks, you can use a very slightly dampened cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Make sure that the cloth is well wrung out to avoid excess moisture. Gently dab the stained area, but do not rub hard or soak the area, as this could still lead to damage. Allow the area to air dry completely before using the dartboard again.

Remember to rotate the dartboard regularly

Rotating the dartboard is a crucial part of taking care of any dartboard. Whether it is a cork dartboard or a sisal fiber dartboard, the rule of rotating it stays the same.

Players, especially skillful players, know how to hit specific targets, so the boards often get worn out more at some areas than the other sections over time. Rotating the board regularly reduces the probability of a specific part wearing out.

Today, most dartboards come with wireframes that can be easily disconnected from the scoring section, making the rotating of dartboards easier. No matter if you play even just once a week, remember t rotate the dartboard at least twice or more times a month.

Focus on the environment in which the dartboard is

Sometimes the dartboard wears out more because of the surrounding environment. Players often forget that direct action is not necessarily the only reason behind the prematurely shortened lifetime of a dartboard. Environmental factors have different impacts on dartboards; for example, extremely bright light can destroy the fiber and fabric of a dartboard. Exposure to sunlight and strong light bulbs can cause the discoloration of fiber or the fabric of the dartboard. Moreover, it can also dry out the sisal fiber and make them brittle.

So if you want to keep your dartboard safe for a long time, make sure it is not exposed to bright and harsh light. Keep it in a room with a diffused light source. Other than light conditions, look out for moisture in the surroundings of the dartboard, especially if you use a basement for playing darts.

Look after the darts 

The game of darts can never be played without darts, so it is necessary to take care of darts along with a dartboard. Darts come in contact with dartboard, which is why they have a significant impact on its condition.

For a perfect dartboard, you must look after your darts too. The tips of darts wear out with time and cause damage that is more than normal. This is why players should always be aware of the condition of dart tips. Sharpen them whenever required in order to prevent damage. Imagine if a bur on your dart is hook-shaped; it will rip the board every time you pull the dart out.

Why is cleaning  a dartboard important?

Keeping your gear doesn’t only increase its lifetime; it also brings forth several other benefits. Most people play darts accompanied by food and drinks, which is why the darts and dartboard also come in direct contact with grease through hands. To avoid such problems, players can consider keeping sanitizing wipes with them and clean their hands with them before holding darts. Players can also clean the darts with a mixture of water and a little dishwashing soap. For the loose material on the dartboard’s surface, use a lint roller or a soft cloth and wipe it off before it causes any more damage. Lastly, a clean and clear area makes the game better than playing in dirty and untidy spaces.

Maintaining and cleaning a dartboard is crucial for its longevity and performance. Regular rotation prevents uneven wear, especially in frequently hit areas. Cleaning a dartboard should be done gently with a soft, dry cloth or brush to remove dust and debris without damaging the sisal fibers. Avoid using water or liquid cleaners, which can harm the dartboard’s materials. For stubborn stains, a slightly damp cloth with rubbing alcohol can be used cautiously. The dartboard should be kept away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent damage and stored in a stable, climate-controlled environment. Cover the board when not in use to protect it from dust. Additionally, caring for darts by sharpening their tips and keeping them clean is essential. Regular cleaning a dartboard not only extends the life of the dartboard but also enhances the playing experience.

Nowadays, dartboards are made out of easily cleanable materials and do not soak water. Just following these basic tips will help you take good care of your dartboard. Today, dartboard maintenance doesn’t need the old dozens of wacky and time-consuming procedures. Take care of your gear, as it takes a lot of money to get a nice and durable one.

Maintaining and cleaning a dartboard, along with proper storage and care for your darts, ensures that your investment is protected and that your dart games are always enjoyable. With easy-to-follow maintenance routines, you can keep your dartboard in top condition for years to come.

In addition to the care tips mentioned, it’s also essential to educate anyone who uses the dartboard about proper handling and care. This includes not using the darts for any purpose other than throwing at the dartboard and ensuring that the dartboard is not used as a bulletin board or target for any other objects. Educating others will help in maintaining the integrity of the dartboard and preventing unnecessary damage.

Furthermore, if you’re a serious darts player or if you host dart competitions, it’s worth investing in a high-quality dartboard that is designed for durability and extended use. A premium dartboard might come with a higher upfront cost, but the longevity and consistent performance can make it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

To keep up with the latest advancements in dartboard technology, stay informed about new releases and product reviews. Innovations such as improved sisal quality, better ink retention, and enhanced mounting systems can contribute to a dartboard’s lifespan and the quality of play. Be on the lookout for the best dartboard models that hit the market, such as the Winmau Blade 5 or other top-rated boards, as they often incorporate these advancements.


In conclusion, proper maintenance and care of your dartboard are as crucial as the skills you develop in the game of darts. By following the simple steps of regular rotation, gentle cleaning a dartboard, and careful storage, you can ensure that your dartboard remains a centerpiece of entertainment and competition for a long time. Remember, a well-maintained dartboard not only looks great but also provides a fair and consistent playing field for all players.

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