Sharpening The Darts

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Overview of Sharpening The Darts

Throwing darts is a skill that comes from continuous practice, but one thing can outwork this skill of any player and ruin the whole game; that is a blunt and rounded dart tip.

Darts is an extremely simple game with no special equipment required; all the necessary stuff is just the dartboard and darts. However, many of the players forget that this simple equipment’s maintenance is also very necessary in the long run. Now, we will discuss the ways of sharpening the darts.

The sharpening is necessary because of several reasons, for example:

  • Blunt dart tips can be the reason for that excessive wear on your dartboard.
  • Darts with blunt or dull tips can land anywhere undesirable instead of the dartboard because of the inability to penetrate in the dartboard.
  • Lastly, blunt darts tips can ruin your game, mood, and tempo of the game.

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When should we sharpen the darts?

You don’t want to overdo the sharpening of darts, as it can actually wear them down. You should only sharpen them when the tips become rounded and flat. The requirement of sharpening depends upon how excessively you play darts and also the quality of your darts. Some people don’t need to sharpen their darts even after using them for 2 or 3 years.

What will happen if we don’t sharpen the darts?

If you never sharpen your darts, the tips will become dull and blunt with time. The reason can be regular play or hitting some solid floor, tile, or wall.

After the tips have worn out completely, you will be left with darts with completely flat tips causing high resistance against the dartboard. Bouncing out will become the new normal, and such darts will also damage your dartboard’s sisal fiber.

How to sharpen the darts?

There are two ways you can sharpen your darts. You can use either a dart sharpener or sandpaper to do the job.

Using a dart sharpener:

A dart sharpener is a tool specifically designed for sharpening dart tips. It is usually cylindrical in shape and made out of stone with a hole on one of its ends.

Simply place the dart tip in the hole and move it in circular motions against the stone, just like you stir a spoon in your tea. Check the tip after every 30 seconds to know whether it requires more sharpening or not. When your dart tip is perfectly rounded, it’s time to stop. Check your darts by throwing them on your dartboard. If the darts still ricochet, sharpen them a little more.

A dart sharpener will help in the removal of the burr (the tiny imperfections around the dart tip that cannot be seen with the naked eye). Moreover, it gets you a rounder dart for a steady play.

You can get a dart sharpener online at a significantly lower price. Our recommendation is the following:

Using sandpaper:

You can find sandpaper from literally any superstore. Due to its abrasive nature, you can use it to sharpen your darts.

The process is quite simple. Hold a piece of sandpaper around the tip of your dart. Make sure it covers the whole tip. Now, twist your dart clockwise inside the sandpaper. You only need to sharpen the tip, so avoid rubbing the point of your dart against the sandpaper. Again, check your dart every 30 seconds. Stop and test it when you think it is perfectly rounded. If more sharpening is required, repeat the previous steps.


Keeping your darts maintained and sharp plays a significant role in your gaming skills and your game’s accuracy. So, make sure you take care of every bit of them.

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