Top 5 Dart Supplies To Get On A Budget

Top 5 Dart Supplies To Get On A Budget

When you have the right tools for your game, the chances of enhancement and betterment rise up. Different tools hold an important place in the game of darts. A noticeable change is guaranteed in the game of darts when you have the right tools.

If you keep facing problems without any solid solution, there are zero chances for your performance to improve. This is why here we have listed some of the most crucial dart supplies for you. These listed items are not actually mandatory for the game, but they will help you get ready for the game without worrying about problems. Let’s have a look at the top 5 unsung heroes of the game of darts that you can get cheap.

Dart World O-Rings

O-rings have different names worldwide; some call them toric joints, others named them washers or packing, but in darts’ world, they are known as O-Rings.


The O-Rings are usually made out of rubber, but some companies make them out of other polymers too. This tool might be the most underrated ones in the dart arsenal.

If you don’t know what they are for, here is the answer.

The darts used in playing the game of darts are made out of different components. The O-Rings are specially designed to prevent the shafts from becoming loose and coming off of the barrel. This is a critical factor in the game of darts.

Due to continuous play, the interaction between darts and dartboards is bound to loosen some darts components.

If you use an O-Ring, then you will not have to worry about the barrels and shafts being loose. All the components of your darts will stay put and tight. Moreover, the O-Rings can be used for tightly securing flight shafts and removable dart tips.

But how should one use O-Rings?

Using O-Rings is very easy. All you need to do is apply the O-Rings on your dart between the dart’s barrel and shaft. After the ring is fitted firmly, your darts will have the highest degree of tightness and stability that wouldn’t let it loosen up easily.

BumperNets Beer Mug Dart Tip Sharpener Stone

For any dart player, the most frustrating thing is the bounding out of the darts. You might not realize it until you play darts yourself that it is tough to land your darts where you want them to be.

Landing a dart in the right place requires hand-eye coordination, physical ability, mechanical skills, and concentration. If a dart that landed the right spot after so much concentration bounces out, it won’t take much to drive the player up the wall.

There are several reasons why darts might bounce out, some of which can be controlled, but others can’t be.

It can be a low-quality dartboard, poor positioning, bad throwing skills, poor grip on the dart, etc. But there is another reason that is usually overlooked; the lousy dart tips. Most players never bother to check on the tips of their steel tip darts.

To solve this issue, BumperNets introduced the small and cute beer mug stone dart tip sharpener. It is a quick and easy way to sharpen the tips of your darts.

It can easily fit in a pocket, but you can also use it as a keychain as it has a key ring attached to it. The convenience it provides is undeniable. It is perfect for people who don’t like t carry too much stuff and are always on the go.

You can sharpen your darts’ tips easily and quickly, without applying too much pressure with this dart sharpener. With nicely sharpened dart tips, the bounces out you have to face will reduce drastically.

Viper broken shaft and dart point remover tool

Every dart player must have faced this situation at least once when the game is at its peak, and you throw a darts and watch it break. One broken dart during a perfect game can ruin the whole mood.

What is more frustrating than the broken dart is removing broken components while impatient and rowdy people surround you.

Sometimes the broken component seems to be more stuck as you try to pull it apart. A dart that breaks near the thread (tightly screwed) is almost impossible to remove it resulting in a useless dart.

With Viper Broken shaft and dart point remover, you can easily remove the broken component and save your dart. You can call it the game/evening saver.

This 2-piece tool is engineered so that it can work for both soft and steel tip darts. Moreover, it has an adequate grip over any threads. Moreover, it is very affordable and helps you save your darts.

The tool is stylish in structure with a matte black finish and a handy little chain, so you don’t misplace it. It is excellent to have for both beginners and pro players.

Winmau bullet shape flight savers

The dart flight is an essential part of any dart. They are actually miniature versions of fletching we see at the end of arrows. They are necessary to provide the necessary aerodynamic stabilization to the dart to fly towards the dartboard in the right direction.

For dart, the right flight is very important, because everything including the acceleration, velocity, and pitch of your throw, depends on it. You wouldn’t want the flights to be damaged; this is why flight protectors are essential.

Flight protectors are usually inexpensive, and you can replace them. But too many strikes from clustered darts can wear them off.

Winmau has solved this problem. Their bullet shape flight savers are made out of metal, and they are black in color. You can place them at the end of your darts so if they get hit by any other dart, they can deflect it. The flight savers not only keep the flights safe, but also the dart throw is better.

You will find several flight savers on the market, but Winmau has a stylish look and is more durable than any other flight saver you will ever find.


The importance of balance and weight in darts can never be overstated. These two factors can actually directly affect the performance of any player.

The thumb rule is that the heavier darts tend to be more accurate and precise when thrown. However, it requires high proficiency to be able to throw heavy darts. In contrast, beginners can play with lighter darts. This is the reason why the darts are manufactured in different weights ranging from 16 grams to 50 grams.

The majority of dart players can easily play with darts weighing around 20 grams. However, it is better when the weight of darts can be changed whenever required.

You can get yourself six solid weights; the set includes 1 pair of 2 gram weights, 1 of 1 gram weights, and an added set of 4 O-rings.

With the help of these weights, you can change and adjust your darts’ weight whenever you want.

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