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Which Is The Best Dartboard 2024 Do We Love The Most?

Every darts lover wants to get a high-quality dartboard, for him/herself. We all know that all the dartboards are not the same. Trust us when we say that, buying the right dartboard completely changes the game.

So, which is the best dartboard? Our all-time favorite best dartboard is the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard. The features that this dartboard has to offer, has set the standards high for other dartboards.

Even when it is compared to its ancestor the “Blade 4”, the colors of Blade 5 are brighter with thinner wires and brighter colors. Moreover, the Blade 5 has a solid firm construction and it is also available in a Dual-core model for extra durability. The features don’t end here, Winmau has implemented a three-wheel lock mounting system so, it can easily set up on any kind of surface.


Here is a list of features, this dartboard has to offer:

  • No staples are used in its making.
  • The sisal fiber used in its making is the East African densely packed sisal fiber.
  • Vibrant and beautiful scoring sectors.
  • 14% thinner wiring system resulting in a broader scoring area.
  • Minimised bouncing out of darts.
  • Improved deflection of darts – reduction in razor wire angle by 30 degrees.
  • The doubles have a 9mm² extra area for scoring.
  • The trebles have a 6mm² extra area for scoring.
  • Three-wheel lock, mounting system.

So, what do all these features mean? It means that the winmau dartboard Blade 5 offers minimized bouncing out and bigger targets, resulting in higher scoring opportunities. Moreover, the board is long-lasting, you will not have to buy a new one anytime soon. Blade 5 is the most used board and our recommendation also.

If you still have any doubts, you can visit Amazon and read the buyer reviews, this way you will know about other darters’ experience with the Blade 5 also. There are many great dartboards available in the market, but Blade 5 is one of a kind and we will recommend it again and again.

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