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Best Darts Case to Keep Your Darts Accessories

Best Darts Case To Keep Your Darts Accessories

To get started with the game of darts, is not too expensive, thankfully. Initially, all you need is a set of darts; however, with the development of you as a player, you will keep adding more sets and other darts equipment to your collection. Darts lovers keep acquiring more sets of darts, additional equipment, and tools with time. If you own more than 1 set of darts and have other equipment also, then you will need a nice darts case to keep all your things safe and organized.

When you try to look up a good “darts case” on the internet, several hundred pages and options will pop up in front of you. The results consist of darts cases ranging from lowest to highest prices and best to worst qualities also. If you are looking for a darts case that can hold everything related to darts, that might be needed on hand, then I would recommend the Case Master Legion Aluminum Dart Case. This dart case is not too expensive and you can buy it at a very reasonable price. It is built solid and has enough space to hold everything that is necessary.

The quality of GLD

Before we start talking about the Case Master Legion, let us talk a little about GLD (Great Lakes Darts). Over the span of 35 years, GLD has developed a lot and has become one of the world’s most popular dart companies. The company has been providing innovative advancements to the game of darts for several years. Their name is the proof for high-quality and affordable products.

The most popular and premium line of products by GLD is the Casemaster line – includes bags and cases. No doubt that the Legion Aluminum Dart Case is one of the best GLD products. The quality of the case makes it reliable and durable. So you can stay assured about the quality of the product, as it is a product of GLD.

Game of darts wherever you want

Why would a darts lover restrict him/herself to just one set of darts while on the go? Why would you not like to play a whole game of darts wherever you go? Do not limit yourself, when you can easily carry your equipment with you wherever you want. The best way to carry your dart equipment with you safely is in the Legion Casemaster Aluminum Dart Case.

The lightweight and sturdy design of this dart case make it a durable choice. The exterior of the case is made out of hard plastic and aluminum trim. Moreover, the case is designed in a way that it looks more like a security briefcase.

The Legion Casemaster is a premier case; now we will take a look at all the features it has to offer:

The storage

This dart case is different from any other dart case because of the perfect balance between the storage space and transportability it offers. This case is designed in such a way that you can easily keep up to three dart sets (fully assembled), while staying confident that the flights will not bend or break or the tips will get dull. Moreover, there are 12 pockets, where you can keep the extra flights. 10 extra mini sleeves to keep the replacement shafts. And, two lidded tubes for small accessories which are most likely to be misplaced easily. Lastly, there is a pocket that is used as a functional wallet; you can keep your IDs or cash in it.

The space is too much, that sometimes you will wonder what to keep in it more. You can keep any extra dart set, flights, shafts, etc. in it. moreover, you can fit in some non-standard equipment in it also, for example, a quarter, in case you need to flip it. you can say that this is not just a case but a whole dart kit in a box. The one and only thing that cannot be fitted in it is the dartboard.

Quality and durability

The most durable case you would find is this one. It is exceptionally engineered to be the sturdiest, durable, and portable case. The case is strong and lightweight at the same time. it is solid enough to keep your equipment safe and light enough to be carried around easily. The case is made out of high-quality premium aluminum alloy, ensuring that the case is lightweight and high in quality.

You should remember that aluminum alloys are corrosion-proof. The hard construction keeps the gear safe over the years. The case will not easily buckle or bend; it can easily overcome bumps or bruises.

The interior of legion casemaster

The nine-dart slots of Legion Casemaster are made out of high-density molded foam. These slots are designed in a way that the fully assembled darts stay safe in them. The foam keeps the darts in place without letting them come loose and rattle around the case.

The dense foam also keeps the dart tips safe from being worn out. Whether your darts are hard or soft tips, they are safe to be kept in this case. Moreover, the pockets are finely stitched and made out of high-quality fiber. Just by looking at the interior, you will know that the money was worth it. the interior is perfect and it keeps everything in place, no matter what.

The exterior of the legion casemaster

The exterior of the casemaster legion is made out of aluminum alloy and hard plastic. Moreover, it includes solid metal buckle locks in it. the two metal buckle locks make sure that the case doesn’t open randomly making your equipment fall out of it. the fasteners used in this case are just like the ones we see on briefcases and they are very easy to be operated.

The exterior is stylish and gorgeous; the bright silver tone gives it a very charismatic look. Lastly, the handle is made out of aluminum which adds up to the ease of carrying the case.

Final verdict

The Casemaster Legion will provide you much space and safety, that you will not need to look for any other dart case for a very long time. the product is built with high-quality materials and the durability is just perfect. The measurements of this case are 27.9 cm by 20.3 cm by 10.2 cm, and the weight is below 1 kg. Moreover, you get extra space for everything including shafts, flights, and other stuff.

You will not be able to find a better dart case in its price range. There is also a 90 days warranty that ensures return if any issue arises. You can buy this dart case without worrying about anything, as this is the best one yet.



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