Rules of Baseball Darts and How to Play it

Listen to this article. Not only is baseball darts a good game for beginners, but it is also good for more experienced players as it allows you to practice some of the lesser-used targets on board. This game can be very helpful if you are trying to learn the numbering as it forces you to move all over the board. Baseball darts can help you be more accurate in your throws. It is also a plus that this game focuses on triplets.

Baseball darts is pretty popular in America. Although it shares its name with the famous sport called baseball, their rules have very little in common. Baseball darts lasts for nine rounds and this fact gives the game its name. Rounds are traditionally known as “innings” and every scored point is called a “run”. If the game does not go into extra innings only the numbers from one to nine are used for the game.

The number of players that can play the game is not limited and it can be played either in teams or in single competitions.

Rules of Baseball Darts

The basic premise of the game is that the players take turns throwing three darts. The target that the player needs to hit on the dartboard in an inning is the number of that inning. For instance, if it is the first inning then the player needs to throw his darts at number 1 on the dartboard. The main goal is to score as many points or runs as you can each inning. Now, if a hit is in the single section the player scores one run, if it is in the double he scores two runs and if it is in the triple he scores three runs. A dart hitting outside the inning’s corresponding number would be worth zero points.

When all the players have had their turns the innings is over and the next inning begins i.e. if every player has had his turn in the first inning then the second innings begins and the target changes from number 1 to number 2. This process is repeated until all nine innings are completed. Once all 9 innings are over the player with the most runs wins.

Although, if there is a tie between players at the end of nine innings then the game will continue to the tenth inning and number 10 will become the new target. The game will keep continuing onto the next innings until the tie is broken and a clear winner is determined.

Keeping The Score

In order to keep the score in baseball darts, it is advised that you mark out the nine rounds beforehand on the board. You should start with one at the top and continue down the board to nine. You should also leave some empty space at the bottom for extra innings as it might be needed later. At the top of the board write the names of the players and throughout the game write down their score in each innings beside the corresponding spot for the inning.

It is also preferred to lay all this out horizontally instead of vertically like a baseball scoreboard. Although, the layout of most darts scoreboards might not allow it. A horizontal scoreboard allows for more natural scoring.

Variations in Baseball Darts Rules

A baseball dart rule variation is playing with a 7th inning stretch. In this variation, a rule is added according to which a player’s entire score is halved if he fails to score a run in the seventh inning. This variation can spice up the game but more often than not playing with a 7th inning stretch can make or break a game.

Another variation in rules can occur if teams have an uneven amount of players. In this case, a dummy player is included to even out the scoring. The dummy player usually has a score that is based upon the skill level of the players. This predetermined score is divided among the innings equally.


Dart Helper | No 1 Best Guide, Tips And Resource For Dart Game
Dart Helper | No 1 Best Guide, Tips And Resource For Dart Game
  • The highest score possible in an inning by a single player is nine which is acquired by hitting three triples. Triples are king.
  • The triple is located in the middle of the segment. This means that if you miss it is likely that the dart will land in the single section earning you a point.

A perfect baseball game can be achieved if in every round every dart lands in the triple section. In a perfect game, the score would be eighty-one points.

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